The Chakras

So that you can follow the following techniques and exercises to heal your broken heart here is a very brief description of the chakra system within the body.

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The base chakra is underneath your bottom when you are sitting down. The colour is red and it represents security and survival. When someone leaves us the base chakra can naturally become blocked with negative emotions about survival without the other person and all the insecurities the breakup has caused. You may experience this as constipation. It comes from our unwillingness to let go.


The next chakra is called the sacral centre, this is located below your belly button. This covers sex, self-esteem and creativity. If we have been blamed or blame ourselves for the break-up this chakra can often be blocked. If our self-esteem has been damaged we will feel it here also. Women often get gynaecological problems as women are much better at taking the blame for something or seeing their faults. The colour of the sacral centre is orange.


The solar plexus chakra is in our tummy. This chakra is our power centre. When we feel powerless or helpless as when we haven´t made the decision to break up we may feel sick a lot of the time, no appetite, digestive problems. The colour is yellow.


The heart chakra is where you feel the pain of the broken heart. It can be a dull ache or enough to make you cry. The heart chakra is all about unconditional love, trust and faith. The heart chakra is most often activated with children, animals and nature.The colour is green.


The throat chakra is blue and represents expression, all the words we don´t say, all the emotions we don´t express can in time lead to throat problems when the throat chakra gets blocked. All those things you didnt say to him/her can become lodged in the throat.


Most books or diagrams don´t mention the ear chakras but they exists above each eye brow and travels round the head to just above the ear. When we think and hear our voice commenting on everything we hear with our ear chakras as the voice is not a physical one. Clairaudient people hear spirit with their ear chakras and meditiate to keep the inner voice quiet so they can hear the more subtle frequencies and receive information.


The third eye is in the centre of your forehead, this is the eye where you can see your ex and the memories. We see our dreams with our third eye. When our thinking is negative and our emotions are heavy our perspective too will be out of balance. Our third eye will only be seeing projections from our current emotional state, this does not mean we are accurate. The stronger the third eye is in someone the more real their thinking will seem. They are more inclined to believe what they imagine as they can see it so clearly. This is the chakra that clairvoyants use. It can be used to create, as in when we imagine something, or to receive like when we dream. A clairvoyant learns the practise of meditation so they can quieten their conscious mind. This renders the conscious mind asleep so they can receive visions. The third eye is purple. This may be blocked because your ex-partner has made you think more like them so you are not seeing things clearly.


The crown chakra is on the top of the head and often depicted as a white lotus flower. When the crown chakra is open we are connected to the spiritual realms, our own higher selves, the angels and those loved ones that have crossed over. A medium opens her crown chakra to connect to spirit and then uses the third eye and the ear chakras to hear and see the information that is on that realm. Our crown chakras are blocked if we have no belief in the spiritual or have a fear of being punished by god. People who have been brought up with a religious background, especially catholic, where there are a lot of rules and regulations, are much more inclined to believe they are being punished for something they have or haven´t done and therefore have crown chakra issues.